Anna Hileman Art

Custom Artwork

Why not invest in artwork that completes your space and holds meaning or significance? Whether its a traditional piece of art, mural or custom application I am always inspired to make a space feel complete. These works are unique and one of a kind and always make for an interesting conversation piece. 

Pet Portraits

With a genuine appreciation for animals I greatly enjoy capturing a beloved pet in a painting its owners can enjoy forever. I work from photographs to capture your pet’s personality with a multi-chromatic style on aluminum or oil on canvas. Contact me today to commission an original painting of your pet!

Commercial Artwork

Add beauty, meaning, and personality to your commercial space, with custom artwork or a complete art collection designed specifically for your establishment. Some of my projects have included Restaurants, Hotels, Private Offices, Medical Facilities and Veterinarian Clinics. I greatly enjoy creating that one of a kind installation to make your space memorable.




“Anna has a talent to bring out the emotions and character of the animals she paints. Her painting of Kessy is priceless to me”.

Perry Saputo, Zug Switzerland

“We just opened Zach’s painting and I have to admit it made me burst into tears. I can’t get over how well you concurred his essence. It is more vivid than a photo or even most memories. You have a real gift and thank you for doing this for us! This is so special to us.”

Anna Gunz, Ontario Canada

Thank You so much for the PERFECT Christmas gift! When he first opened it, he thought it was a photograph! We love our little Coya so much and you captured her so well!

Erin Lynne, Denver Colorado

“Just got the painting – mind blown. It’s stunning. Literally speechless. Package was bomb-proof – best packed item I’ve ever seen.”

Jason Cummings, Ontario Canada

My husband LOVED the painting of Mocha. He cried. Thanks! We will treasure it forever. Feel free to use it in your portfolio. I think its one of your best pieces ;)

Julia Thomas Cook, Cody Wyoming

The painting was a HUGE hit! Both his parents cried. They looooove it! Thank You so much.

Claire Nelson, Arvada Colorado

“We commissioned an oil painting by Anna. The scene was of a lake that holds lots of dear memories from our younger days. She worked from an old photo and a few memorable details. What we got in return was a painting that captured all of our memories with such accuracy that it brought us back to those wonderful days. The colors are beautiful and the detail is incredible. It hangs on our wall and as we look at it every day it gives us that feeling of serenity, romanticism and beauty that we remember.”

Jim & Katy Humphreys, Las Cruces New Mexico

” We loved the fabulous centerpieces that Anna made for us at the Boulder Marriott.  They have held up really well and it felt great to be “green” since she used eco-friendly materials. The quick turnaround from our request to delivery was amazing !

JW Marriott, Boulder Colorado

” After completing the construction and setup of our new education center, PSA had the opportunity to splash some color on the walls to make it even more inviting. To enhance our branding, a decision was made to paint the entire wall along with a picture of our logo. We then hired Anna Hileman to add the logo detail and give the image a more professional and polished look. We were ultimately impressed with Anna’s design, and would recommend her to anyone considering professional and high-profile design work.”

PSA Security Network, Westminster Colorado

My sister and her husband got a puppy about 15 years ago. It was a great way to prep for future kids and a few months later they found out she was pregnant! Baby Jack and Kieron grew up together. He was an amazing family dog. Kieron passed away a few years ago leaving quite a void. When Anna Hileman said she does Pet portraits I knew I needed to commission one of Kieron for Amber and Jim.

She captured his eyes and his spirit so well! And her style was perfect for them. She knew what they wanted better than I could have even known! So professional!

Thank you Anna!

Katey Krupka, Arvada Colorado