Custom and Commercial Artwork by Anna Hileman

My previous experience and creative abilities combined with my background in Interior Design has allowed me to enhance commercial spaces aesthetically through applications including gold leaf, hand painted ceilings, murals, faux painting and custom artwork.  If there is a theme for your space, my skill level and experience can help bring it to life.

All Projects include:

  • Site visits to discuss preferences, company image and budget
  • Presentation of suggested artwork and concept ideas
  • Delivery and installation of artwork



Breckenridge, Colorado

This body of work comprises 13 custom pieces of art, each created specifically for its placement within the restaurant, Radicato, located in the heart of Breckenridge CO. This collection illustrates the intersection of one’s journey leading back to their “roots” and the culinary experience. Among the root inspired pieces, there are illustrations highlighting the journey of those involved with bringing the restaurant to fruition. Chef and owner, Matt Vawter, had a specific focus for the artwork, and each piece adheres closely to the unifying thread “Radicato” which means “rooted in the sense of where one is from”. The collection was created using various mediums such as gold leaf, alcohol ink, acrylic paint, wire, and butcher paper.

Wingate Elementary School Mural

Grand Junction, Colorado

Beginning with our Wingate Explorers, artist Anna Hileman aimed to demonstrate the vast world ahead for our kids while integrating the extraordinary features of this place we call home, a stepping stone for the journey ahead. As no two butterflies are alike and each butterfly contains every color of the rainbow, each student and staff member’s hand print has been placed within a ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) spectrum, signifying their vital part and attribution to the Wingate community and the world. Additionally, students and staff chose a letter or shape to make their handprint even more distinctive. The final prints to be placed were from Trigger, Wingate’s adored therapy dog. The monarch butterfly was chosen for its locality to this area and as a symbol of the transformation, strength, and journey of Wingate’s students and families. 

Furthermore, Anna included local characteristics such as the monument, wild horse, dinosaur fossil, native wildflowers, petroglyphs, and bicycle tracks. The scorpion pays homage to Wingate’s history, signifying the connection of our past, present, and future, while the stars remind us all to reach for our dreams. 

Thank You to the Wingate PTO, who planned, funded, and supported this art installation, and Anna Hileman for creating this mural. Furthermore, Thank You to Grand Junction Home Depot, Lowes, and FCI for supplies and scaffolding.   

Quality Italian

Denver, Colorado
  • Hand painted ceiling
  • Painted lion head
  • Gold Leaf on glass doors
  • Painted outside sign
  • College Garden Animal Hospital

    Roswell, New Mexico
  • Custom artwork focused on specific animals
  • Coordination of printing and installation
  • Printing by Gator Graphics, Arvada, CO