Pet Portraits by Anna Hileman

I greatly enjoy capturing a beloved pet in an original painting its owners can enjoy forever. I know from experience that a pet’s life is much too short but their love lasts a lifetime and these portraits help to memorialize their gifts to us. A pet portrait will show their personality and likeness. Perhaps you want to include a special toy, setting, or have your dog painted in a sweater vest. Whatever it is, I promise it will be a conversation piece, remind you of good memories, or just put a smile on your face. Also, did I mention these make great gifts?!

Below you will find information regarding pricing, styles and sizing but to best answer your questions, fill out the order form below. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to ask! The order form is helpful in showing me what your pet looks like, style, size and budget include. Once I receive your order form I will be in touch!

Additional samples of work are on the Original Paintings Page.

Pet Portraits Order Form

(Note: Framing will add an additional 2-3 inches to overall size.)
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I work from photographs of your pet to best capture their personality and likeness. Feel free to send me as many photos as you would like. If you are lacking photos, here are a few tips for taking pictures of your pet:

Pet Photography Tips
Adjustments can be made for shadows or poor lighting, however, better pet photos usually translate into superior pet portrait paintings. Subjects, features or backgrounds can be combined or omitted from separate photographs as required to achieve desired result.

1. Shoot from pet's eye level or below by sitting on the floor or lying on your belly. Try NOT to take the photo from above your pet as such photos are often disappointing.

2. Use natural lighting either outside or indoors by the light of a nearby window & avoid flash.

3. Get close to your pet and focus on their eyes.

4. Be patient. Have someone attract your pet's attention behind you while you shoot or hold a treat in your hand close to the camera. Try making a high pitched tone or whistle to get them in an alert pose.

5. Stay away from filters if possible. I want to make sure to get your pet's unique coloring just right!

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Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
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DISCLAIMER: You are NOT required to pay if you are not satisfied with this painting. Your satisfaction is more important to me than your money.